The Romaian Cultural Society fulfills the preparation of six complete series of the Enlightening Heritage program

In 2020, the Romaïan Cultural Society started preparing an educational television program called “Enlightening Heritage” with a close cooperation of the Lebanese Télé Lumière – Noursat chain in producing this program. The preparation of this program was supervised by Mrs. Lea Adel Maamari, a member of the society, in cooperation with the president of the society, Professor Negib Geahchan, and the treasurer, Mr. Roland Khairallah. Credit for the success of this program, which achieved high viewership rates, goes to Brother Nour Psellis, director of the television station.

Until 2023, this program included six full series, each consisting of 13 episodes, which means a total of 78 episodes. The duration of each episode was, in the beginning, half an hour, but the experience led to the conviction that this period was too short to present the selected cultural topics, so the duration was increased to a full hour.

These episodes brought together various cultural topics concerned with the history of the Romaïans and their present, the Romaïan culture and civilization, church topics related to the history of the Romaïans or that were at the core of their culture or had a significant impact on their development and civilization.

Several members of the society and other persons well-versed in Romaïan culture participated in preparing and presenting these episodes. The roles were distributed as follows:

  • Professor Negib Geahchan: 20 episodes
  • Mr. Roland Khairallah: 9 episodes
  • Architect Gabriel Andrea: 8 episodes
  • Governor Engineer Nicolas Saba: 6 episodes
  • Architect Elie Abi Nassif: 5 episodes
  • Governor Judge Ziad Chebib: 4 episodes
  • Professor Jacques Mokhbat: 4 episodes
  • Dr. Iskandar Kfoury: 4 episodes
  • Mr. Bechara Habib: 3 episodes
  • Lawyer Samer Awad: 3 episodes
  • And the lawyer Joseph Yazbek, Mr. Elias Saad, Mr. Habib Ibrahim, Dr. Diana Bitar, Mr. Bassam Nahhas, Mrs. Iffat Kanaan, the pharmacist Roger Saba, Mr. Toufiq Bechara, Dr. Adel Qadri, Professor Michel Abs, and Dr. Elie Bitar: one episode for each one.

These episodes are also published on the society’s YouTube and on its Facebook page.

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