The Romaïan Cultural Society (RCS) is a civil non-political and non-religious association. It is a non-profitable institution that aims to discover the legacy of the Romaïans (called erroneously Byzantines) in the Lebanon, the Levant and the world, to document, to analyze and to spread the cultural, moral and spiritual elements of the Romaïan heritage.

It also aims to create social and cultural links among all the Romaïan groups and peoples and support all individuals and institutions that belong to this rich civilization.

The RCS is a non-religious institution because it does not belong to the Church establishment and does not argue in the religious doctrines. Nonetheless, it supports Christianity and its social and moral values.

The RCS is a non-political institution because it does not support a political party, or an ideological doctrine, but it deeply believes that the rich Romaïan legacy creates a fertile base for building a perfect moral human society.

  • Demography of the Romaians
    • Religious Doctrines and Traditions
      • Religious Arts
        • Political and Social History of the Romaians
          • Literature and Philosophy of the Romaians
            • Architecture and Fine Arts of the Romaians
              • Scientific Achievements of the Romaians
                • Key Historical Figures
                  • Interesting Geographical and Religious Sites
                    • Important Cultural Institutions
                      • Inter-Romaïan Institutions and Relations
                        • Relevant Books, Publications, Films etc

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